GNGRUP has joined AEDIP

July 9, 2020

GNGRUP has joined the Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management (AEDIP) in order to promote networking, generate strategic alliances with companies in the sector, promote the company’s business development, and organize joint activities such as events, conferences and training.

AEDIP represents the consulting and engineering companies most committed to promoting the integrated management of ‘Project & Construction Management’ projects in Spain and contributes to improving the quality of the services of its associates through sectoral meetings, the dissemination of good practices and training through specialized courses.

For Josep Antoni Grimalt Morey, Founder of GNGRUP “One of the main objectives of our strategic plan was to be part of AEDIP, thus reinforcing and improving the quality of our services, with the possibility of generating alliances and contributing to the defense and improvement of the sector ”.

“AEDIP is proud to have among its associates a company like GNGRUP, which has shown great interest in being part of the association and in promoting Integrated Project Management services at the highest level. GNGRUP’s experience in managing luxury hotel and residential projects in the Balearic Islands and the Dominican Republic highlights the growing interest of hotel developers in outsourcing the management of their real estate projects and confirms a trend that has been observed in recent years. recent years” affirms José Gil, General Secretary of AEDIP.

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