GNGRUP renews its corporate identity

February 14, 2022

We are very happy to present our new image, a powerful change in our entire visual universe, with the construction of a new logo and new visual keys to better reflect our essence, reaffirm our purpose and celebrate our 20th anniversary in engineering and project management.

According to the CEO of the company, Josep Antoni Grimalt -“for us this change of image is not a simple rebranding, it is the crystallization of the evolution of the company. An evolution that began in the last two years and was initially motivated by a personal concern of the partners to want to improve, reaffirming our vision and mission, and wanting to be a company with a soul.”

“A restructuring of the organizational chart and the corporate structure has allowed us more freedom of action and with the support of our advisors and the management committee, we have started this evolution that could not happen without an adequate rebranding. To do this, we have made a deep internal reflection, accompanied by Mandarina Brand Society, which has designed the new logo and our entire audiovisual universe and where all the departments have participated.

The result, a modern style that combines simple geometric shapes, simple and flexible but robust at the same time designed for the digital world, and of course extrapolated to our entire off environment. The color combination is daring, where we continue to maintain the dark blue, and we add the green that represents our commitment to sustainability, not only as a new line of business but also as a conviction, value and way of doing things. I think that together we have achieved a nice logo, very friendly, which I think reflects our way of being.

The new tagline – Building trust – is a reflection of our personal and professional values, and it is what has allowed us to retain our clients, these 20 years in project and engineering and these 43 years in architecture.

I think we are more GNGRUP than ever, our attributes are the same as always, our desire to improve and evolve is essential to retain talent, value the people in our team and live up to our clients.”

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