The Majorcan GNgrup opens a new delegation in Mexico

August 19, 2022

Following the marked expansion plan, since November 2021 GNGrup has been operating in Mexico. To strengthen organic growth in the country, the Majorcan company has reported that its new delegation has just opened its headquarters.

It is located in Building Construpark Loc. 116, CP 77560 in the city of Alfredo V. Bofill, province of Benito Juárez, region of Quintana Roo.
The company explains that Majorcan hotel chains are a worldwide benchmark. It is unquestionable that, to this great success, the value chain of the sector has also contributed, that is, the suppliers, builders, installers, carpenters, assemblers, architects, engineers and project managers… of the Islands. Balearics”.

In this sense they assure that “the technical level of all these companies, their high specialization and their great implication is also enormous, the great demands that the reforms of seasonal hotels imply, adding to the unfortunate little help of the public administrations, in matters of building permits, make all these companies have a great capacity for adaptation and problem solving. We humbly believe that we are prepared to export that talent beyond our islands”.
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