Award for the best project management in Spain in 2022

December 15, 2022

Our project management of the reform of the Hotel Sunprime Pollensa Bay has been recognized neither more nor less, as the best Project Management in Spain in 2022, awarded by the Spanish Association of Integrated Project Management (AEDIP).

The event was held last Wednesday, December 14, at the Zenit space in Madrid, with a large audience, a magnificent organization and broadcast via streaming to many Latin American countries.

We are tremendously proud that our work is recognized and at the same time that the effort of a link is appreciated, of the great value chain that makes up the professionals who work in the construction and renovation of seasonal tourism hotels.

The work of the professionals who work to achieve the success of these projects, normally carried out in record time, not only meeting costs but also achieving savings, and ensuring the quality of the work and the quality of the design, is unfortunately little recognized and appreciated. In our country. On the other hand, in the rest of Europe and in the Anglo-Saxon world he is a highly appreciated and valued figure.

At GNGrup we have been managing the construction and renovation of hotels for more than 20 years, humbly seeking excellence, providing solutions to problems, and we have always managed to meet the objectives set: opening on date, at cost and with the projected qualities.

We want to thank Nordic Luisure Travel Group for giving us the opportunity to manage this fantastic project. Thank and congratulate BAS for their excellent work and professionalism.

Congratulate the finalist companies Bovis from CBRE and Ecokubic and all those that make up the GNGrup ecosystem.


The CEO of GNGrup explaining how the project was managed in record time.


Sharing what our methodologies are.


Explaining the context of the project.


Explaining the initial constraints


Mr. José Gil, secretary of the AEDIP, presents the award to our CEO.




Members of the GNGrup team. From left to right, Tolo Gomila (Board Director), Isabel Beneitez, (GNGrup Madrid), Josep A. Grimalt (CEO) and Justo Marín (Project Management Director).








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