Today, June 9, 2023, we have signed the Spanish Diversity Charter

June 9, 2023

We are happy to announce that today we have signed the Spanish Diversity Charter.

The Diversity Charter is one promoted by the European Commission. The companies that sign it assume the commitment to promote the fundamental principles of equality, diversity and inclusion.


1 Raise awareness about the principles of equal opportunities and respect for diversity, including them as values of the company or organization, and disseminating them among its staff.

2 Advance in the construction of a diverse workforce, promoting the integration of people with diverse profiles, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, nationality, origin, religion, beliefs, age,

3 Promote the inclusion of the entire workforce, favoring effective integration and avoiding any type of discrimination, direct or indirect, at work

4 Consider diversity in all people management policies, managing it transversally, as the basis for all decisions made in this area.

5 Promote conciliation and co-responsibility through a balance in work, family, and leisure time, establishing mechanisms that allow the harmonization of work life with family and personal life of the entire workforce.

6 Recognize the diversity of customers, which is also a source of innovation and development.

7 Extend and communicate the commitment to all personnel, involving the entire company or organization in the responsibility acquired as a signatory to the Diversity Charter.

8 Extend and communicate the commitment to supplier companies, inviting them to join the community of companies in Spain that voluntarily adhere to the Diversity Charter.

9 Transfer and convey this commitment to third parties: administrations, business organizations, trade unions and other social agents.

10 Disseminate the D&I policies and the results obtained, through the web, the company’s annual report, events, etc.

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